Passion to Paid Extra Support


Feeling stuck with your ideas? Want my eyes on your work? I'm here to help! You can upgrade your enrollment to work with me 1-on-1 a few different ways:

Idea Feedback Email Support - $199

Perfect if you're having a hard time choosing between a couple ideas or if you have an idea that you're excited about but feel like it's missing something. Let me review your ideas and be your personal creative director!

How it works: You'll be able to submit up to 3 of your best ideas to me via a Google Form. I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes reviewing them, and from there I will gather my thoughts and record a 5 to 10 minute video of my feedback to send to you via email. I'll also include any links or visual references in the email.

60-minute Skype Mentoring Support - $329

Perfect if you want to speak with me in real-time, bounce ideas around, and ask specific questions about your project or career. If you learn best from in-person guidance and/or you want to pick my brain about more than just the ideas for your project, this is the best option for you!

How it works: This will be a 60-minute video session done over Skype. Come prepared with your questions, and we'll talk about things on the spot.

Idea Feedback Email + Skype Mentoring Support - $528

Perfect if you're in need of more guidance & want the most support! I'll be able to review your ideas, let them sit in my brain, give you feedback via email, and then follow up with a 1-on-1 video session for us to discuss everything in-person.

How it works: this package is the first two options combined. It offers the most comprehensive support because it allows me to sit with your ideas for longer & have a live chat with you afterwards to point you in the right direction.

Here are some real life examples of the type of feedback I've given to students:

Anna Dittmer / Project: Pixel Passport

Original Idea Submission:

"Hi Lauren, for my first and favored idea I combined Japanese rubber stamps and video games. You can collect the stamps everywhere in Japan (see links below), like at sightseeing spots or train stations. They remind me of my time visiting the country. There're nicely designed and you can collect them in a book while you stay in Japan this year :) I got my very first video game console (a Super Nintendo) at the age of five and enjoy playing games (i.e. classic role play games like Zelda, Final Fantasy) ever since. I’ve already done some personal projects involving games and just recently I finished a one year passion project illustrating/lettering lyrics and video game monsters. So I thought: Why not make travel stamps for games? Like Zelda, a game series with lots of places and spots. I could do unique stamps for various places (and various games).

Also this would suit my skillset (design, illustration, bit’s of lettering) quite well and would add something new to my portfolio. Sticking close to the story the most obvious choice would be to create stamps, but would someone buy a stamp from their favorite video game places? I guess not. So, how about linocuts or patches? My possible titles are: Stanpu Quests, Pixel Journey and Stamp Map (for Linocuts) Stitch Quests and Needle Quests (for Patches)."

An excerpt from my feedback:

"I love it! I can tell how passionate you are about it, and I think the combination of stamps for fictional video game places is super unique. Also, video games have SUCH big followings, so I think this would be a delightful project for video game fans to see that also utilizes your design skills! I could see you doing these as linocuts if that's something you're interested in exploring! Patches would work too, or stickers. But my advice would be to create the artwork first and publish it on a blog & social media, and then you can expand to other products. So, create the artwork by hand or digitally, and then you can carve blocks from it, print stickers, etc. Does that make sense? The aesthetic of the stamps you sent me in that book are beautiful, and I think you can have a lot of fun incorporating the video game elements. I don't know a TON about video games. but I know there are so many worlds and places in each game. SO much awesome creative material for you to work with!

For the name, I like the directions you're heading in. I don't think you should name the project based on the product (stamps, patches, etc.) because it's limiting. I love the words pixel and quest because they remind me of video games the most. The "stamp" aspect of your project also reminded me of a passport. I think the name "Pixel Passport" would be cool for this project, since you can collect all of these stamps/artwork from your favorite video games. But it's up to you! Keep thinking about the name and let me know what you decide.

For you, the next steps would be to start making a list of the most popular video games & their most popular places that you'd want to make stamps for. Excited to see your next steps!"

Noah Camp / Project: IdiYUMS

Original Idea Submission:

"My goal is to get hired by big brands to do 3D lettering for Editorial/Advertising. I love puns and 3D lettering, especially the combination. I’ve already created phrases like “That’s My Jam” made out of jam, and “Nailed It” made of nails. I could continue this in a series. But this time I will make the series with the intent to put the images on products.

Some examples are “Social Butterfly” made of butterfly pasta “A Dime a Dozen” made of dimes “Cut Me Some Slack” made of rope.

Advantages: I’ve already got a lot of attention for “That’s My Jam” and “Nailed It,” and this might be the most fitting project for the kind of work I want to be hired for, because the phrases are supplemented well with the 3D look. Disadvantages: I’m not as confident as I’d like to be in my ability with Cinema 4D to make the puns comes to life, but this might be the perfect opportunity to learn these techniques. Every project I’ve worked on thus far has been filled with learning new techniques."

An excerpt from my feedback:

"I think this idea is the one that's the most effective in getting your work out there. If you've gotten attention for pieces in this style, that's a good indicator.

As a designer AND a food lover, your That's My Jam piece really spoke to me, which gave me an idea. Those phrases you sent me are technically idioms, but I liked when you added the literal food to "Social butterfly". It's just kinda a fact that people love looking at food.

My gut feeling tells me that you should go in this direction and do a series of these only about food (since cake is more fun to see than rope or nails in my opinion). You could browse through this popular list of food idioms: and then pick your favorites to illustrate with the mentioned food item(s). I can see you doing "Cool as a cucumber" or "Don't cry over spilt milk" or "Spilling the beans" or things like that. Lots of room for creativity, especially with 3D work.

The first name that came to mind was "IdiYUMS" or something with "Idiom nom nom" haha, but maybe there's something better."

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I receive feedback on my ideas?
If you sign up for the Email Support package, you can expect to receive feedback on your ideas within 72 hours of submitting them. If you sign up for the 1-on-1 Coaching packages, you'll automatically receive a link to my calendar to schedule our video session with availability starting within 1 week of your sign up date.
How effective has your feedback been for past students?
According to past student testimonials, quite a bit! Anything you're feeling stuck with, I''m here to help. I've helped students with everything from naming their projects to tweaking the idea slightly to make it *that much* better. I've found in my own career that having fresh eyes on my work (especially if those eyes belong to someone I admire) has been immensely valuable.
What if I am unhappy with the feedback?
Since my feedback is dependent on the information you submit, there are no guarantees that the feedback will lead to an idea that you love. That being said, I do block out time in my schedule to think through your ideas with as much dedication as I would my own, so I can't offer refunds on this upgraded package once the time is spent.

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